Nourishing our body from the InsideOut is essential to glowing skin, we’ll leave the nourishing your insides to you while you let us take care of the outside!   

At the heart of BARE Movement is authenticity, care, respect and love.  This is why we’re so passionate about our product, and dedicated to every ingredient that goes into our luxurious skin care range.  Our formulas are natural and organic with no nasties, synthetic bulking agents or chemicals.   Our B ^ R E body range is filled with delicious ingredients to help nourish, protect and hydrate your skin while you get to B ^ R E your best self with all that you do. 


B ^ R E  Movement - Orange, Plum & Bergamot Body Wash

Product Description - Infused with the scents of Orange, Plum and Bergamot. B ^ R E Movement body wash will leave you feeling revitalized, cleansed and fresh after every shower.  

Directions of Use - Apply 1-2 pumps onto a wet loofah or palm and apply, work into a rich lather and rinse.



B ^ R E  Movement - Body Lotion

BARE Movement lightweight body lotion is infused with a subtle hint of fresh lime and coconut leaving your skin soft and smooth.  Easily absorbed and refreshing, our body lotion works best on normal to dry skin.

Product Description - Everyday use lightweight Body Lotion for normal skin types. Infused with a subtle hint of fresh Lime, Coconut and filled with Vitamin E leaving your skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Directions of Use - Massage into skin as required