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B^RE Paws Organic Dog Wash

Bare Paws unique formulation is designed to clean your pets whilst at the same time creating a rich shiny coat. It also serves to replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat, for long term skin protection. Tea Tree Leaf extract is used as an anti-oxidant for long term skin protection. This product is environmentally safe and cruelty free.

DIRECTIONS OF USE - Wet coat completely with water. Apply a
generous amount of shampoo and work into a rich lather. Avoid
getting in eyes. Rinse thoroughly.
Repeat if needed. Towel dry and gently brush coat.

B^RE Paws Dog Spritz

Bare Paws Dog Spritz should be applied evenly over your pet's coat in between bath times and on rainy days to balance odours or after bathing to prolong the clean fresh smell. The carefully selected blend of essential oils imparts a natural scent while helping to calm and soothe your pet. Avoid sensitive areas such as their face and eyes.