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"Wild! Long! Curly! Beach hair! is best to describe my hair.

My sister and I have always had this type of hair as we get the thickness and amount of hair from our Dad and mixed with the length and style from our Mum. It can be unruly most of the time and very wild once that ocean water connects with it…but I love it! 

I have naturally wavy hair. It's downright mussy and was once described by a co-worker, “…It's a wild mane." So, I was shocked at how soft the BARE Movement Shampoo and Conditioner made my hair. I always wash it at night, and sleep on it wet. When I wake up, I tie it in a messy bun and head out the door. That's pretty much the extent of my styling at the moment after starting my own business. But because my hair wasn't dry and brittle like it usually is the day after I wash it, when I woke up I had beautiful curls instead of odd kinks. Wavy hair girls, you know exactly what I mean. It looked liked I had actually lightly curled my hair!

I find recently I am getting the remarks like, “Oh your hair looks different in some way?…”. They know something is different but can not tell why, and that is the beauty of it as it is still your natural hair…but just the best version of YOUR hair.

The icing on the cake for me was when I sighted the symbol of “No animal testing” on the bottle…being a major animal lover and incorporating that into our Swimwear line, it just makes a difference and keeps my heart warm.

Try this new product gals, what do you have to lose? Nothing…but so much to gain for your luscious locks."

~ Much love, Brooke Brabon Owner/ Designer - Tahitian Lime Swimwear

"Annalisa is an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for making a significant and positive contribution to the world.  Her Bare Movement Shampoo and Conditioner are simply amazing!  My hair feels divine and styled with ease after using it.  But more than an awesome shampoo and conditioner, Annalisa’s dedication to products that are also good for our bodies radiates.  In a world where the market is flooded with dangerous harsh chemicals, Annalisa has the courage to challenge what currently is – to create a truly remarkable product that aligns with the important question of what should be – a safe, chemical free organic haircare range for all humans.  Thank you Annalisa for having the courage to dream big.  I cannot stop telling everyone I meet about the Bare Movement products and the fact that Annalisa is a woman in the North creating her very own revolution.  Kylie Bartlett – Women of Achievement UnConference"

~ Kylie Bartlett, Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers

Designers and Manufacturers of Fine Quality Handcrafted Jewellery since 1974

"I've been trying so many natural shampoos for years and never found one I liked so I was so close to walking back into a salon and getting a crappy-ingredients-list one just to keep my hair nice. Until Bare. Ironically, I can actually get this one from a salon, but free from so many toxic chemicals I'm happy to use this, and it has made my hair incredibly soft and smooth. I am stoked to have finally found one that ticks all the boxes for me!" 

~ Christie Fischer

“I have recently started using a new Shampoo and Conditioner by BARE Movement.  What attracted me to the product was that it’s Australian made plus all natural haircare ingredients.  I’m loving how soft and clean my hair feels after I wash it and that it smells so fresh.  I highly recommend trying BARE Movement’s Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair care needs." 

~Krystal King

"I discovered BARE Movement through Instagram and could not resist trying the shampoo, conditioner, and face mask - and I am so stoked I did! I am a big surfer, so my hair sees a lot of sun and salt which means I have fairly damaged hair.My last shampoo/conditioner were natural but did little to solve my dry-ends problem. BARE changed all that. Now I get to volumize AND hydrate my hair, all in one shower. The face mask is the best I have ever used and i’m pretty sure it is my favorite BARE product. A little goes a long way and I’ve already had two impromptu face-mask-girl-nights without making a dent in my mask. Everyone raves about the smell and the feel of their skin after (okay, okay, including me). I love products that give me an excuse to pamper myself, and do so affordably on the daily?? I’ll be looking for BARE when my current bottles run low…"

Emily Rowe Instagram surfer, blogger, traveller http://instagram.com/emilyy.sea

"I recently discovered & tried the products from Bare Movement & fell in love! Using the shampoo & conditioner on both my own and my children's hair has given us gorgeous shine & health. Never has hair felt so soft! In addition, I purchased the enzyme mask for my skin and the result is amazing. Clear, fresh, revived skin - so smooth to the touch. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of these products - what a great find!"

~ Sally Bernard, Meohmii  http://www.meohmii.com/ 

"BARE Movement beauty range has changed how I look at beauty products.  After trying everything and anything for a solution to my breakout/freakout prone skin I was sceptical to try another range of products.  However ..... from the moment I used BARE Movement I knew this was different.  My skin now glows, I have less frequent breakouts, black heads are gone and I don't think twice about going makeup free at times.  I just love that the products are natural and the ingredients are of such high quality & made with so much love!  #baremovementforlife"

~Nicola Moore