Give the BARE gift for the ones you love!


B ^ R E Bathroom Bliss includes -

1 x B ARE Movement Shampoo

1 x BARE Movement Conditioner

1 x BARE Movement Candle

When choosing this pack, please ensure you leave special instructions regarding which shampoo, conditioner & candle you choose.  There is a range to suit all individuals. 


B ^ R E Man Pack includes -

1 x BARE Movement Pure Peppermint Shampoo

1 x BARE Movement Pure Peppermint Conditioner

1 BARE Movement Beard Oil


B ^ R E Movement 4 Step Skin Nutrition includes -

BARE Movement Cleanser

BARE Movement Toner

BARE Movement Exfoliating Mask

BARE Movement Moisturiser

Advanced Natural Skincare has just reached new heights.


B ^ R E Movement Skin Nutrition Oily/Problematic Pack includes the ultimate skincare regime -




Exfoliating Mask


Eye Cream